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Why Study Abroad @ UL

Programme Highlights

  • Study and live alongside Irish students
  • Guaranteed on-campus private room accommodation
  • UL is in the top 3% of Universities in the world under 50
  • 1000 classes to choose from each semester
  • Two-weeks to try out your classes
  • Complementary membership of the University Arena (sports centre).
  • Awarded volunteering programme
  • Accredited Service Learning opportunities
  • Field trips and student events
  • Over 70 clubs and societies
  • Complimentary Airport pick up from Shannon Airport on specified days
  • Buddy Programme
  • Cultural Advisors
  • One of the world’s top Green campuses
  • Ireland’s 3rd largest city
  • Wild Atlantic way
  • Cultural and historical sights (castle, hunt museum and galleries)
  • Proximity to airport and good links to rest of Ireland
  • Well connected by public and private transport to all other major cities in Ireland and Europe

At the University of Limerick, we have a number of support services available to visiting students. Information on these services can be found here website.

I think the opening Irish Traditional Music and Dance Performance put on in the beginning of the semester was the memory I will remember the most. I luckily was able to sit in the front row, and for the couple of hours the show lasted, I was in a very content place alongside my friends and future classmates. The show served as a great opening to what has been an amazing experience here at UL. It has been far greater than I ever imagined attending University of Limerick, and although UL has provided me with a fantastic education during my semester here as a study abroad student, there is something far more valuable than the amazing professors, helpful international staff, and intriguing and challenging courses - great craíc. Craíc (otherwise known as "fun"), that is second to none. I have had the time of my life, and on a more serious note, have learned a lot about myself and life in general during my semester abroad here. Before arriving, I had a fairly serious view of life. However, with the help of the friendly spirit of the people of Ireland, I have learned to take life one step at a time, and to never take it too seriously. I will never forget my time abroad here, and I know I will long to come back.. For that reason, I will be forever thankful for my time here and will never forget what UL has taught me.

Jack Pamperin, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, Spring 2016

As a study abroad student UL has changed my life forever. I learned to become independent, confident, and organized. I was traveling a lot of weekends while taking 5 classes so time management became critical. UL also showed me what having fun is all about. From stables to rugby games to the farmers market, UL really knows how to make sure students are happy and successful. It's an amazing school with faculty and staff who truly care. They have amazing class options. How can you not want to attend a beautiful campus that had a river running through it?!

Kayla Goof, Creighton University, Autumn 2014

The instructors, even at the lower level courses I was taking at the time, were very influential. They gave, along with all of the other students and my flatmates, me an insight I would have never received at home. This is all cliche to say, but it is very true. One cannot truly expand his or her mind until they go beyond their comfort zone, which is what UL made me do, and I am thankful for that. UL is a wonderful university with wonderful staff and great students. Nobody will regret studying at UL over another university.

Brandon Macy, University of Tulsa, Autumn 2012

The University of Limerick has changed my entire outlook on life and travel! I want to explore the world and travel and see every aspect. I have grown in love with Ireland and my Irish Heritage and am so proud to be Irish. I learned that I loved the opportunities study abroad gave me and went on to be a Study Abroad Peer Advisor at my home University, Ball State! I gained a TON of confidence in studying abroad, and joined my schools mixed a cappella group and held an exec position, got an internship with the Indianapolis Board of Education, and came out of my shell A LOT all thanks to my chance here! Since UL, I have become much happier, motivated, more hardworking, and overwhelmed with joy about the opportunity I received!

Audrey Brazel, Ball State University, AIFS, Spring 2015

UL gave me a home in Ireland, where I was comfortable and happy. I'm so grateful that I spent my time in such a beautiful area, with such kind and curious people. My professors challenged, while also guiding me through my uncertainties. I found friends that I'll forever cherish, as they represent the best 4 months I've ever had. Campus offered me all of the experiences I could have asked for, from the pubs and markets to the river and rain. Thanks UL! I've never felt more at home than when I lived in Ireland.

Zoie Wesenberg, Oregon State University, Autumn 2014