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Freshman Programme

At the University of Limerick, we have been operating a successful Freshman Programme for 12 years. Freshman students come to study in UL for their first year or their first or second semester of college. This programme offers the opportunity for students to gain and international experience an English speaking, safe and welcoming environment during their first semester/year in college. The students attend the same classes as the Irish and other international students, as well as having access to a wide variety of cultural and social activities.

They choose from a list of first year classes which includes the option to take some Irish Studies classes. There is a large list to choose from and subject to timetabling students are free to take any of the classes Students take a course load of 30 ECTS/15 US credits but have the option to take 24 ECTS/12 US credits.

Programme Highlights

  • Fully integrated environment: You will be integrated with Irish and other international students for classes, on-campus accommodation and clubs & societies.
  • Extensive choice of modules: You can choose modules from across all faculties to fulfil major, minor and/or general education requirements.
  • Two-week trial period: You have a two-week trial period on your initial module choice. This ensures that the modules you select are at an appropriate level and that you are comfortable with your choices.
  • Sport: You will be given complementary membership of the University Arena (sports centre).
  • Field trips and student events: The International Office organises a number of off campus activities each semester. These include a special Thanksgiving dinner in the Fall and organised trips to Dublin and West of Ireland tourist attractions. We also work with the International Society at UL to promote other trips and activities which are offered at discount prices to students.
  • Tailored Orientation Programme: We offer a specific Study Abroad Orientation each semester. The programme includes day-time and evening events and takes place prior to the first week of classes. It is an ideal way to settle in, meet other students and familiarise yourself with the campus before lectures start!
  • Airport pick up: Students are collected from Shannon International Airport each semester on the Monday and Tuesday prior to orientation.
  • Excellent support services: We encourage you to keep in touch with the office while on campus. We offer information and advice on immigration, accommodation and culture. Our cultural advisor will help you to acclimatise to Irish culture. The Cultural Advisor will hold meetings each week for our Freshman Students. These meetings are mandatory for the first 4 weeks of term to ensure that the group are settling in well and to address any problems they are encountering. We also provide specific pre-examination and pre-departure meetings at the end of each semester.
  • Buddy Programme: A fulltime student will be allocated to you along with a few others to help you settle into life at UL.


Freshman Students who wish to enrol in the freshman program at a UL must be eighteen years of age on or before the date of their travel. Provide transcript showing GPA of 2.9, and SAT of 1725 to 1800 or ACTS of 25.

How do I apply? 

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