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Classes and Credits

Students coming to UL for Autumn or Spring should select their modules from the List of Class applicable to the semester you plan to study in.
Detailed information about registering for classes, lectures, tutorials and exams will be covered in the comprehensive orientation programme when you arrive. Our Study Abroad office also provides one-to-one advice on request. 

Classes and Courses Information

The University of Limerick operates a modular system with continuous assessment. A class/course is called a module.  A module is a self-contained package of education taught during a single academic semester. Visiting students may choose from a wide range of modules and may cross-register between faculties and departments. Acceptance on these modules is subject to academic prerequisites, timetabling constraints, and ceilings on enrolments. The module descriptions that follow present an outline of the salient topics covered in each module.

The normal course load is 5 modules per semester. (30 ECTS Credits) ECTS' stands for European Credit Transfer System. It is the common credit system in place at UL and in other universities in Ireland. Each ECTS credit corresponds to 20 'learning hours. 

Usually, the conversion rate from ECTS to American credits is 2:1, meaning 30 ECTS would convert into 15 American credits.

The module or class code is the key in most cases to find out when the class is running. Example CU 405 1 CU is the subject area 4 is the type of study – only modules beginning in 4 are offered to study abroad students. 05 is just the departments' way to distinguish between classes The final digit is the only way to determine which semester it will run in. 1, 3, 5, 7 are fall semester classes 2, 4, 6, 8 are spring semester classes 1 and 2 are first-year classes 3 and 4 are second-year classes 5 and 6 are third-year classes 7 and 8 are fourth-year classes. This is the usual key for classes but there are always exceptions…(of Course)

Classes can only be chosen from the International Visiting Student Module Booklet - Autumn 2021 Booklet & Spring Module Booklet. These booklets contain all the modules which are available for Study Abroad students. 

Please note, Autumn and Spring Module Booklets are subject to change annually. Updated booklets will be published when they become available. 

Should you require further information on a module you are interested in, you can search for the module in our Book of Modules.

Note: The Book of Modules is a research tool provided for you.  Your classes must be chosen from the Autumn & Spring Module Booklet, which has been specially designed for you, our Study Abroad students.  Please click the links provided for the Autumn & Spring Module Booklet to choose your pre-selected modules. 

The teaching style varies from faculty to faculty.  Most of the academic staff are informal.  You greet them by their first name and it is possible to ask questions.

Assessment style varies from faculty to faculty.  Modules are mostly assessed by means of a 100% end-of-semester formal written examination. In some cases assessment will be done through a mixture of continuous assessment and a written exam. You will get a course outline in the first lecture.  This will let you know the assessment style.

A full credit load at UL is 30 ECTS credits.  That is usually 5 classes/modules.

Usually, the conversion rate from ECTS to American credits is 2:1

At orientation, our office holds timetable information sessions along with some Q&A sessions.  During this time we will fully explain the registration process to you.  Briefly, you will need to complete a form (which you receive at orientation) and turn it in to our office in week two of term.  Our office registers you at that point.  You cannot register pre-arrival but you do need to pre-choose 10 classes as a good starting point.

An Official University of Limerick Transcript will be issued after results are made available. Please note it can take up to 1 month for you to receive your transcript as they are sent by mail.  Contact us if you have not received your transcript after this time.

To request an additional transcript or a copy after you have finished your time at UL, you will need to visit this website and click 'Graduates and UL Alumni'. From here you can choose to request a digital copy of your transcript or have a hard copy posted to a specific address.

This module is currently being redesigned.

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