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The ERASMUS exchange can be one of the most exciting experiences in a student’s academic life and readjusting to normal life at home can be a challenge. It is not unusual for students to feel sad and confused after their stay abroad - after being away for 6 or 12 months, it is as if nothing has changed yet everything is different.

The following suggestions can help overcome the ‘ERASMUS blues’:

  • Share your experience and contribute to making other ERASMUS students’ exchange a success - contact the International Office to volunteer as an ERASMUS ‘ambassador’ and speak to future students at the International Fair and/or ERASMUS Information sessions.
  • Volunteer for the Buddy programme at UL. Further information available here:
  • Become  a member of the UL International Society and meet new ERASMUS students (
  • Take part in the Language Exchange programme (contact LRA administrator in LC1-008, Languages building)
  • Plan your next experience abroad: internship, overseas programme or plan a get-together with your ERASMUS friends.
  • Transform what you learnt during ERASMUS into new opportunities for experience and networking (e.g. register with Europass

The ERASMUS programme has changed the lives of over 3 million students. As students move on in their personal and professional life, it will continue to inspire and influence them in their choices.

Watch the video Once Erasmus, Always Erasmus.