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Non-EU students going on Erasmus/Exchange

Non-EU students who undertake an Erasmus or Exchange academic placement as part of their programme must have a GNIB/IRP card that is valid until the end of the Erasmus/Exchange academic placement.

Students must also have a re-entry visa when going on Erasmus/Exchange.  Please apply for a Re-entry visa letter from IED, stating the month of departure and month of your return to Ireland.

ATTN: From 3rd September 2018, the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service will cease their Online appointment service. All applications for re-entry visas will be received through the registered post postal system. Students are advised to submit their postal applications 5 to 6 weeks prior to travel (please see DJE website).

Demand for re-entry visas is very high. The best way to get a visa on time is to apply early by post. You should not make travel plans until you have a visa.

If you leave without a re-entry visa or if you do not return within the period shown on your visa, you must apply again for a new long stay or short stay visa from abroad to come back to Ireland.

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