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FAQ - Outgoing Non-EU Exchange Students

Q. Is there a grant for students undertaking a non-EU exchange (Australia, China, Korea, Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Uruguay)?
A. There is no specific grant available. However, students do not pay tuition fees at the host university. Your main expenses will be for flights and accommodation. Students who are in receipt of a grant from their local authority may be eligible to claim the higher rate of maintenance while they are on exchange.

Q. Can I stay at my host university for more than one semester?
A. Non-EU exchanges are generally for one semester, particularly if they are an integrated element of your programme. Subject to approval from the course director, the exchange may occasionally be extended to two semesters.

Q. When can I expect to hear from my host university?
A. Formal documentation is usually sent out by May 1st.

Q. Are fees charged by the host university?
A. No, non-EU exchanges are on a no-fee basis.

Q. Can I work whilst I am studying abroad?
A. Generally no, but that depends on the visa requirements for the host country.

Q. How many modules must I take in my host university?
A. You must take at least four and at most six modules, which must be approved by your course director before acceptance.


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