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Erasmus Mobility Grant

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How is your Erasmus exchange funded?

Under the Erasmus+ programme, students from the EU, EEA and Turkey have the opportunity to spend between 3 and 12 months studying in a European higher education institution as part of their course.

Successful applicants for the Erasmus+ exchange programme do not pay fees at their chosen institution.

Erasmus students receive a study grant, which is provided by the European Commission. The aim of the grant is to assist students with travel and initial moving costs. It is not a maintenance grant and the amount varies from year to year depending on how many students are participating in the programme.

Local Authority Higher Education Grant: Students in receipt of a county council or corporation grant can claim the 'Away from Home' level of maintenance grant while they are on Erasmus.

In order to receive the mobility grant, you must complete the required Erasmus forms.

How to receive the Erasmus grant

To receive the Erasmus mobility grant, you must return the following forms to IED:

  • Signed Financial Agreement (grant contract); the Financial Agreement will be emailed to students (in August for Autumn placements and in January for Spring placements)
  • Certificate of Attendance, signed and stamped by the host university (this can only be done once you have officially enrolled at the host university and have started your study abroad period)

Once IED has received the required Erasmus forms from you, the full grant will be lodged to your Irish bank account.

Upon receipt of the grant

After completing the Erasmus placement, the European Commission requires that students complete and return an Erasmus survey (questionnaire). The form will be accessible online. An e-mail will be sent to the students with a link to the document and instructions for online submission.

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