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Contact details


The ERASMUS/Exchange section of UL Global manages the ERASMUS/Exchange programme at UL. Contact details are as follows:

Madeline Molyneaux (maternity cover for Lina Koseleva)
ERASMUS Institutional Coordinator
Tel: +353 61 202304

Herveline Roche
ERASMUS Student mobility
Tel: +353 61 202353

Lisa Fitzgerald
ERASMUS Student mobility
Tel: +353 61 234654

Sinead Loughran
Non-EU Student mobility
Tel: +353 61 233682

UL Global
EO-020, Main Building
University of Limerick
Plassey Park Road
V94 T9PX
Fax: +353 61 213062
Institutional Code: IRL LIMERIC01

In the event of an emergency outside of office hours, please call UL emergency number +353 61-213333 and the security person on duty will contact a member of our team.

The contact number for emergency services throughout the European Union is 112.

The contact number for the Irish embassy/consulate in your host country can be found on the DFA website.


Each degree programme has an Erasmus Academic Coordinator. The academic coordinator is responsible for approving students’ choice of university, advising on course selection and the number of ECTS credits required. The academic coordinator is also responsible for validating Erasmus results and converting grades, where applicable. Students should consult the academic coordinator for all academic matters.
The list of UL academic coordinators is available here.

International office

In most cases, the point of contact at the host university will be an office similar to the international office in UL. In some universities, the departmental or faculty academic coordinator is the point of contact.
Practical information regarding the academic placement, such as application procedures, accommodation, etc. is normally sent to students by the international office of the host university or is available on the University website.

Academic coordinator

Students are assigned an academic coordinator at the host university (also called Departmental Coordinator). The ERASMUS academic coordinator offers advice on courses available at the host university and approves the Learning Agreement.