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Our students often explore the castle ruins on campus but many do not know the history that surrounds them so we thought that we would share it with you. Thank you Milford National School Castle Troy or Black Castle (Caisleán Chalaidh an Treoigh) Black Castle was built during the reign of King Henry III (1216-1272), by the O’Briens. It was built on the banks of the Shannon. The Earl of Desmond was overlord of the whole territory around the 1500s but he lost his title after his rebellion against Queen Elizabeth in 1583.He was never to rule these lands again. The estate went to the Bourkes of Brittas and Castleconnell. The Castle was owned by Mahony Keogh (or Mac Keogh) in the mid 1600s. The Keoghs were a warlike tribe, often in conflict with neighbouring chiefs. Keogh had a very beautiful daughter, whose hand was sought in marriage by a certain chieftain, but the young lady sent him about his business and would have nothing to do with him. One night he returned with his m 15-Jul-2018 Read more

Jena Araojo has recently returned home to her university William & Mary, Virginia after spending a semester in Ireland with Study Abroad. While in Ireland Jena took advantage of the fact that mainland Europe is so easy to access and traveled to 9 other countries. https://studyireland.ie/2018/07/13/gateway-to-adventure/ 13-Jul-2018 Read more

At the University you may find that you have large blocks of time between your classes. Declan, Coordinator of UL's University of Limerick First Seven Weeks programme shares his advice on what you can do with this time. https://youtu.be/PoAUZOiEPgU 12-Jul-2018 Read more


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Jena Araojo has recently returned home to @williamandmary , Virginia after spending a semester in Ireland with Stud… 3 days ago

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