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致利莫瑞克大学的小伙伴们: 时光太匆匆,陪伴最长情。 回望过去的一年,能与大家相遇相知在利莫瑞克大学,小编心怀满满的欣喜与感激。 新年的钟声即将敲响,在这辞旧迎新之际,利莫瑞克大学愿将最诚挚的送给每一位莘莘学子,祝大家在2018年: 所有的梦都圆满! 所有的愿都成真! 接下来的一年里,你的身旁,都会有我的陪伴! 让我们一起,奔向更好的未来! 你最真挚的朋友 爱尔兰利莫瑞克大学 "To UL Students, Thank you all for your support and company over the past year. Chinese New Year of Dog is around the corner and UL would like to wish you all the best and happy new year. On your way to pursue a bright future, we will always be there for you. Your Friend UL" 16-Feb-2018 Read more

Law programmes at the University of Limerick are now recognised by the Indian Bar Association meaning that Indian students can now study in Ireland but practice in India. A recent graduate of the University of Limerick Pavan Ramaswamy shares his experiences of studying Law at the University of Limerick. The University of Limerick will be attending the Education in Ireland fairs in India over the coming week in the following locations: Saturday 17th February: Chennai Sunday 18th February: Bangalore Wednesday 21st February: Kochi Saturday 24th February: New Delhi Sunday 25th February: Pune 15-Feb-2018 Read more

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 14-Feb-2018 Read more


RT @ul_pva: Volunteers wanted for International Student Ambassadors Opportunity! Click here for more information: https://t.co/GJt0g39Ifc h… 2 days ago

时光太匆匆,陪伴最长情。 回望过去的一年 能与大家相遇相知在利莫瑞克大学 小编心怀满满的欣喜与感激。 新年的钟声即将敲响,在这辞旧迎新之际,利莫瑞克大学愿将最诚挚的送给每一位莘莘学子 祝大家在2018年 所有的愿都成真 接… 2 days ago

RT @EduIreland: We will be back soon! #colombo #SriLanka #studyinireland 3 days ago Read More