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Meet our students

The International Student blog is a site where international students write about their experience at UL and in Ireland.

The International Student Ambassador Programme is open to all students studying in UL for exchange, full undergraduate, full postgraduate, study abroad & summer school programmes. 

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Meet Our Students



Angie Weisgal, USA

Hello! I’m Angie and I am from the United States. I am doing a Masters in Journalism. My specialty is writing about rock bands from the 60s and 70s and writing about concerts I’ve been to. I came to UL in 2014 as an exchange student. I met my boyfriend here and we have been together for two years. I really liked it in Ireland and UL so I came back here to live with him and further my education. UL is an excellent school. I like how career oriented it is and how many opportunities it offers its students. Besides classic rock, I love fashion, photography, and travelling. I fell in love with travelling from a young age because as a kid my parents would take me to a lot of different places around the US. In fact, my first trip ever was to Venezuela to visit my mum’s family when I was 4 months old. One of my favourite TV shows as a kid was The Wild Thornberrys and I wanted to be like Eliza Thornberry. I have been to many parts of the Caribbean and Central America, Alaska, Canada, California, New York, Florida, Washington DC, London, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Oslo, The Canary Islands, Paris, Aix en Provence, Rome, Florence, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Bruges. I hope to see more countries soon!



Celina Jaffe, USA

Hi Everyone! I’m Celina from Indiana, USA. I’m doing my MA in Contemporary Dance Performance here at UL. It is my first time in Ireland but in the past I have lived in France, Corsica, and California. I’m so excited to learn about the Irish culture and plan to visit as much as I can with my time here. This is my first time blogging and I am looking forward to developing this new skill. I have always loved to share experiences with others and am happy to be of assistance to anyone and everyone. Please feel free to follow me on social media. Here are my handles in order of more frequent use:

Facebook: Celina Jaffe                              Snapchat: laffiejaffeUS                      Instagram: @celina_jaffe    Twitter: @thumbcelina


Katherine Keatley, USA

Hey there! My name is Katherine Keatley, I am a fourth year Undergraduate study abroad student. I hail from the University of Texas in Arlington, where I study Psychology. My fascination with my Irish heritage drew me here to UL to see the country and spend time immersed in the culture. So far it has been grand, as they say here! For such a small country, Ireland has so much culture to offer! Before leaving the States, I began a travel blog to document my experience as an American studying in Ireland. As a beginner blogger, I hope that the Student Ambassador Programme will be a useful opportunity to practice my writing and share my experiences, while gaining skills for a future career in media management.

Check out my blog to read about my travel adventures and give me a follow on instagram! I’d love to answer any questions about life as an American at UL or in Europe in general.

Facebook: Katherine Keatley                                                                  Instagram: kkeats




Ahnika White, USA

Hi there! My name is Ahnika and I’m a post graduate student from the States working towards my master’s degree in Literature. I earned my undergraduate degree in Literature as well in my home state at the University of Minnesota. After I graduated I set off backpacking across Europe, and Ireland stole my heart. I knew then where I wanted to earn my graduate degree, so here I am.


Katie Snyder, USA

Hey all! My name is Katy Snyder and I am from Seattle, Washington in the States. I am pursuing a degree in graphic and web design as well as studying outdoor leadership (learning how to lead trips in the backcountry!). I love to meet people, adventure outdoors rain or shine, take photos, and integrate myself into new cultures. For spring semester of 2017, I have moved from my home in the Pacific Northwest, attending Pacific University (a very tiny college), to Limerick, Ireland, where I am integrating myself into a culture I am unfamiliar with and experiencing what it’s like to go to a school with 12,000 students (that’s really large for me!). Having been here for about a month, I have integrated myself into the Outdoor Pursuits Club and feel like the Irish students I have met there have adopted me into their family! Everyone I have met here as been so wonderful and nice, making the transition relatively smooth. I am super excited to share my adventures with everyone this semester, hopefully helping you have a smooth transition to wherever you decide to study! If you want to hear about cultural differences between Ireland and the States, things I have learned while studying abroad, and humorous stories of my adventures (mostly outdoor adventures), follow my blog:  Or, here is my Instagram account, where I will post photos from my travels: @katysnyderphotography


Jenna Steadman, Canada

Hello! My name is Jenna Steadman, and I’m a third year exchange student from a very very small town called Brigden in Ontario, Canada. My home university is Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario where I major in Psychology and am working towards a minor in Music. I’m super excited to be studying abroad at University of Limerick and cannot wait to see what the rest of the semester has in store. I’m looking forward to doing some (cheap) travelling and going on countless adventures. I love writing, travelling, exploring and dancing, all of which I will accomplish this semester because of clubs and societies at UL. I’m really looking forward to sharing my adventures and experiences here in Ireland (and wherever else I may venture) as well as making some awesome friends and amazing memories!



Bikash Guha, India

Haigh! I’m Bikash Guha, from New Delhi, India.  I’m pursuing my MSc in International Management & Global Business at the state of the art Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick. I completed my bachelors in engineering from India and was working full time prior to taking up masters here (which is indeed the best thing in my life I’ve done so far!). Yes, staying some few thousand nautical miles away from the known faces and genre of people, it should be hard enough for anyone. But trust me, UL’s so welcoming and homely, I’m still waiting to miss my home! Specially IED, the student guides and ‘The HUB” makes it so simple for you, you don’t even realize the big issues you’d be solving on your own..(something for which you might have needed your superman Dad !!) Nevertheless, Ireland has to be the next destination on your chart, and there is nothing better to be than at UL. Apart from its world standard facilities, systems, buildings, lecturers, it has an amazing life in its own and that needs to be experienced by being here. I thank whomsoever and whatsoever made me come here and be a part of this university  and this country. I’M LOVING IT!!!


Balachandar Murali, India

Hi Guys! My name is Balachandar Murali and I’m from India. I’m currently pursuing my masters in Information and Network Security. I did my undergraduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering. While researching for universities, I had US, Canada and Ireland as my options. Now I’m really happy that i chose Ireland over the other two. This is *THE* place to study if you are thinking of quality education blended with equal amount of fun. Ireland is a very quiet place where people are very caring and generous. It’s just two weeks since I have been here but I feel like it’s the best decision that I ever made. I love meeting new people and it is a lot of fun to learn Irish culture, food and so on. If you think that Ireland is the place that you are gonna study then without a doubt pick University of Limerick. This is one of the largest university in Ireland where you have the possibilities of become anything you want. I don’t want to spoilthe surprise that is University of Limerick, so join us and get to know.


Lu Jiang, China

PROGRAM: Study Abroad

HOBBIES: Reading, Watching Movies, Skateboard

Being a literature majored student, I know much about the differences between English and Chinese languages and their cultural diversities. I believe UL is a wonderful place for my graduate study.  During my study in UL, I will take a variety of subject courses which would equip me with solid fundamental skills like English reading, writing, listening and speaking as well as comprehensive background information like western culture, history, literature and so on. I hope that I can record my fascinating study life in UL  and realize my dream of being a excellent English teacher in the near future.

Twitter: @JLuuuuuuuuu                    Facebook: LU Jiang                    Instagram: lulu160430



Echo Xiao, China

Hi! I am Xiao Yao from China. At UL, I take some linguists and literature classes (I am just a study abroad, but back in my country, I major in English translation).

As for my plans for the year, first I need to finish all tasks assigned by professors and I also need to complete my home university ‘s dissertation, so I may have to make those traveling plans in the winter vacation  I suppose!


Blessing Usoro, Nigeria

Hi! My name is Blessing Usoro, I’m from Nigeria. Currently, I am a postgraduate student of M.Eng, Information and Network Security. I did my Bachelors in Telecommunications Engineering from Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics, Ukraine. I’ve been here less than a month and it’s hard to believe I’m already on this path to becoming an executive level professional in telecommunications, networking and security all at once. The Irish people are quite friendly and accommodating and I had a lot of help settling from people I’d only just met. It was amazing. Since coming to UL, I’ve joined the international society, photographic society, the film-making society and swimming club. I run a YouTube channel where I vlog about myself and my many interests including female beauty tips and in my free time I love to shoot photos too, so I was happy to see ways I could continue my hobby here. I’m excited about all the events and opportunities that the University of Limerick has to offer, the student experience is quite rich, I can already tell it will get even better. I’m looking forward to sharing my experience of this wonderful university, city and country with you!


Philip Kufe, Ghana

My name is Philip Kufe a registered mental nurse studying BSc nursing. I am a people person and I have a very calm demeanor in any challenge I face. I am very well organized and always on time, I have a positive and respectful attitude in everything I approach. Very dedicated and committed and place 100% effort in everything which I undertake.



Susan Mills, Ghana

I’m a a creative writer that enjoys writing fiction and poems. I studied  my first degree in Computer Science in the University of Ghana, Legon. I am currently doing my masters in Software Engineering at UL.


Viktoria Gerger, Austria

Servus everybody! My name is Viktoria Gerger and I’m from Vienna, Austria. I am here at UL with the Erasmus program during my third year as a politics / international relations student. While trying to decide which of the numerous Universities in Europe I should pick, I stumbled upon some of these blogs and after that it didn’t take much convincing that UL is where I needed to be. I am already convinced that UL is the most incredible university hands down. I still cannot believe how great everybody has been so far and helped me and all other international students get used to the campus and life in Ireland. My high school exchange year in the US showed me how amazing these kind of programs are and how incredible the people are that you meet along the way. Afterwards I felt like I should try something different this time and I am already extremely glad that I picked Ireland! Apart from the beautiful country, its amazing scenery and its super friendly and open people, there is so much more that UL has to offer. A beautiful campus, very dedicated professors, great sports facilities and a what seems like infinite number of clubs and societies to join. There is something for everybody! I’m especially excited about the trips from the international society, trying my hand at skydiving and archery and going on some great hikes with the Outdoor Pursuits Society. I love learning about new cultures, traveling all over and making friends for life, which is all possible here. On the one hand it makes me sad already that I only have one year on the other hand I am excited to make the most of the time I have!


Isobel Ormandy, UK

Hello! My name is Isobel Ormandy, I am an Undergraduate Erasmus Student studying Journalism and English Literature at UL. I am initially from Manchester, UK and decided to exchange to Ireland because I’ve always been fascinated by Irish culture/music and dancing. UL, so far,  has been a great experience for me; not only to get the opportunity to study in a different environment, with a variety of different people, but also to explore what Ireland had to offer, and FYI it’s a lot by the way! I decided to become a International Student Ambassador because I love writing and I love helping people in whatever way I can. Before applying for the Ambassador role I already had a blog and had written content before, so this platform was a way for me to combine my eagerness to help a different type of audience and my love of writing. If you have any questions regarding studying at UL/UL in general, or just you just need friendly advice, feel free to reach me at any of these social media outlets:

Instagram: @issoorm                Twitter: @issyorm                  Facebook: Issy Ormandy


Aleksandra Leopowska, Poland

Hello Everybody! My name is Aleksandra and I’m an Erasmus student from Brussels, Belgium. However, I must admit — I am Polish! I’m studying Applied Linguistics as I speak Dutch, Polish, English and French and I also love analysing language in general. So no, I don’t want to become a teacher if that was your question. I’m in Ireland for one semester, which sounds like enough time to miss family, friends and my lovely bunny Amaluna, but it’s actually not such a long period of time. Especially when you would like to get to know the Irish culture, nature and obviously the Irish language! Undiscovered artists, unknown paintings and unremarked sparkles in the eye. I am passionate about the small things in art, books, nature, animals and of course cake. Let me take YOU with me. Read my blog posts and become part of my adventure.


Andreea Papurica, Romania

Hi! My name is Andreea and I am from Romania. I study Japanese at my home university and I’m currently on an Erasmus Internship at the Department of Psychology in UL. I also have a background in Political Science (BA) and in Diplomatic Techniques (master`s degree). I know it sounds a little confusing, however, as Haruki Murakami put it: ‘Life is not like water. Things in life don’t necessarily flow over the shortest possible route.’ (1Q84). What I`m trying to say is that you should try everything you possibly can and seize every opportunity you have and you might end up in an unexpected, fascinating, new place.  For me, this new experience is being part of UL’s Student Ambassadors Programme. I’m passionate about travelling, music, literature and photography, which is why, most of the time you’ll find me fully equipped for a new photographic adventure. So feel free to follow my photo blog:

You can also follow me on facebook  or twitter

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