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Health & Safety

Student Affairs provides a comprehensive range of professional administrative and support services to the entire university campus. It offers the following services:

Student Counselling

Student counsellers provide a comprehensive, confidential counselling service, free of charge. The service can help students deal with the wide range of problems common to any student population. The service also offers a range of modules for students including Stress Management, Personal Development and Study Skills.


Roman Catholic and Church of Ireland Chaplains are available to provide help and support to students of all denominations. A wide range of religious services are provided on campus on a scheduled basis. In the courtyard area of the Student Centre there is a contemplative space. This area is designed for quiet contemplation and prayer.

Student Health Centre

An acute care advisory service is provided to all registered students. The Student Health Centre Reception/Administration Office opening hours are Monday to Thursday 09:00:-12:30 and 14:00-16:30 and Friday 09:00-12:30. 

Appointments can be made by either telephoning or by calling in to the Student Health Centre Administration Office. 

The Student Health Centre is an acute care/advisory service; it is not a GP service. All students are therefore advised to register with a local GP.