General Information
The International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA) was established in 1966 in response to a growing need to develop and exchange knowledge in industrial relations at the international level, providing the academic and the practitioner with a forum for discussion and research. Its founding members were the British Universities Industrial Relations Association, the Industrial Relations Research Association (USA), the International Institute for Labour Studies (Geneva, Switzerland) and the Japan Institute of Labour. The aims of the IIRA are of a purely scientific character, without regard to political, philosophic or religious considerations. The Association does not endorse opinions on policy questions.

ILERA Objectives
The general purpose of the ILERA is to promote the study of industrial relations throughout the world in the relevant academic disciplines, by such means as:

* Encouraging the establishment and development of national associations of industrial relations specialists; * Facilitating the spread of information about significant developments in research and education in the field of industrial relations; * organising worldwide and regional Congresses and publishing their proceedings; * promoting internationally planned research, by such means as organising study groups on particular topics.

Organs of ILERA
The Council of the ILERA is composed of the representatives of the full members of the ILERA; each national association has one vote. The Council elects the President and the Secretary, as well as members of the Executive Committee. The Council meets once every three years, on the occasion of the ILERA World Congress, and gives the Executive Committee such general guidance or instructions as it deems appropriate.

The Executive Committee is limited to a maximum of 15 persons, including ex officio, the President, his/her immediate predecessor, the President, his/her immediate predecessor, the President-elect and the Secretary. It is responsible for determining the programme and for managing the finances of the Association. Its term of office is 3 years and members can be re-elected for a further 3 year period.

ILERA Membership
There are primarily three categories of members to the ILERA namely full member, institutional associate member, individual associate member.

Full Membership Full membership is open to: * national or regional (i.e. a group of countries in the same geographical area) industrial relations associations, the primary purpose of which is the advancement of knowledge and research in the industrial relations field; * national or regional committees where such associations do not exist.

The current annual dues for full members are as follows: * US$ 40.00 for associations with up to 25 members * US$ 65.00 for associations with 26 to 100 members * US$ 100.00 for associations with over 100 members

Institutional associate membership Institutional associate membership is open to persons engaged in industrial relations research or teaching activities in academic or research institutions, as well as practitioners in the industrial relations field. Annual dues: US

Anyone interested in becoming an individual member of the ILERA can obtain membership forms from the Hon Secretary of the Irish Association for Industrial Relations.

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