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University of Limerick Cancer Network (ULCaN)

University of Limerick Cancer Network (ULCaN): Developing a research focused infrastructure that facilitates project design and development between multidisciplinary teams working along the ‘The Cancer Journey’

Cancer is a debilitating disease and it is a significant strain on families, health care workers and on the economy. At the University of Limerick and University Hospital Limerick, we have pockets of excellent cancer research activities scattered throughout the network. Our researchers are contributing significantly to the understanding of cancer and are integral to projects that are having real impact and influencing national and international policy. Through ULCaN, we are creating an infrastructure to facilitate academic and clinical researchers to undertake multidisciplinary research by providing a roadmap to assemble teams, illustrate mechanisms to facilitate the sharing of information and promote opportunities for project development to build capacity in UL and UHL.

The cluster and its associated activities will help propel the reputation of Health Research Institute as an Institute that can perform holistic disease research. Our overarching objective is to help patients on the Cancer Journey. Our cluster is truly multidisciplinary and consists of 4 overlapping core pillars:

(1) Patient Perspectives

(2) Clinical Trials and Interventions

(3) Basic Biomedical Science, and

(4) Development novel approaches to share information and manage data will underpin these pillars.

Principal Investigator

Prof. Pat Kiely, Graduate Entry Medical School

Research Team:

  • Dr Joanna Allardyce, School of Allied Health
  • Dr Norma Bargary, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Dr George Barreto, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Dr James Brown, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Professor Calvin Coffey, School of Medicine
  • Dr Ruth Clifford, University Hospital Limerick
  • Dr Linda Coate, University Hospital Limerick
  • Professor Colum Dunne, School of Medicine
  • Dr Alexandra Cremona, School of Allied Health
  • Dr Catriona Dowling, School of Medicine
  • Professor Liam Glynn, School of Medicine
  • Dr Andreas Grabrucker, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Dr Dervla Kelly, School of Medicine
  • Professor Des Leddin, Adjunct Professor School of Medicine
  • Professor Tiziana Margaria, CSIS, Lero and Confirm
  • Professor Kieran McDermott, School of Medicine
  • Dr Kieran McGourty, Chemical Sciences Department
  • Dr John Mulvihill, School of Engineering
  • Professor Paul Murray, Health Research Institute
  • Dr Catherine Norton, Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences
  • Dr Eibhlís O’Connor, Faculty of Science & Engineering, Dept. Biological Sciences
  • Dr Sinead O’Keeffe, Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering
  • Dr Elizabeth Ryan, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Professor Cathal Walsh, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Professor Michael Walsh, Mechanical, Aeronautical and Biomedical Engineering


Official Collaborators

  • Dr Brian Carson, Physical Education and Sports Sciences
  • Dr Tom Comyns, Physical Education and Sport Sciences
  • Dr Marion Conroy, Milford Hospice and University Hospital Limerick
  • Professor Alan Donnelly, Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences
  • Professor Ailish Hannigan, School of Medicine
  • Dr Matthew Herring, Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences
  • Dr Greg Korpanty, Mid-Western Cancer Centre, UHL
  • Dr Michael Lucey, Palliative Medicine, Milford Hospice
  • Professor Anne MacFarlane, School of Medicine
  • Professor Deirdre McGrath, School of Medicine
  • Dr Margaret O’Connor, Ageing & Therapeutics, University Hospital Limerick
  • Dr Colin Pierce, Department of General/Colorectal Surgery, University Hospital Limerick
  • Dr Jon Salsberg, School of Medicine
  • Dr Natasha Slattery, University Hospital Limerick
  • Dr Eimear Spain, Law and School of Medicine
  • Dr Audrey Tierney, School of Allied Health
  • Dr Feargal Twomey, Palliative Medicine, UL Hospitals Group & Milford Care Centre


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