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Health Services Delivery

Health Services Delivery

The Health Services Delivery research theme focuses on optimising the management, delivery and evaluation of safe and effective healthcare to ensure that services relating to health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis and management are evidence-based and delivered across transitions of care within the health system. An integrated, interdisciplinary approach that is focused around the needs and expectations of people in their communities is a key focus of our Health Services Delivery theme. To this end, the theme comprises of a collaborative network of research active interdisciplinary and inter-faculty academics and healthcare practitioners focused on building clinical and research collaborations to enhance health services delivery. We will build on existing strengths including:

People-centred and integrated health services across the life span

In this focus area, researchers are exploring innovative methods regarding the development and delivery of care pathways that are planned around people needs and choices, to support them to live well in their own homes and communities.

Implementation science

This focus area examines methods to optimise the systematic uptake of evidence-based, technology-enhanced interventions into practice and policy.

Future activity within HSD theme

Health service delivery faces increasing public demands for access to and use of new technologies, new medications and new models of care, as well as higher expectations of quality and safe care (WHO 2020). Future activity under the HSD theme will explore optimal methods of health care delivery to meet these demands in a timely and coordinated way.


Theme Lead – Rose Galvin 

Prof. Rose Galvin is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Allied Health at the University of Limerick (UL). Prof. Galvin’s main research interests are in the identification and management of adverse events in older adults, in particular at the primary secondary care interface. In addition, she is involved in medicine management studies of older adults, particularly in relation to inappropriate prescribing. Rose also has an interest in the development and evaluation of primary care based interventions for those with neurological conditions including stroke and MS. Rose is a founding member of the HRI funded UL Centre for Ageing Research (UL-CARE) and is the Vice President of the Irish Gerontological Society. Rose is a fellow on the International Primary Care Research Leadership Programme (2014-present) hosted by the University of Oxford.

Rose’s research on the identification of older adults at risk of adverse outcomes following an index visit to the Emergency Department (ED) is funded by the HRB through the Investigator Led Project awards (2018-2021). Her research on the prevention and management of adverse outcomes among older adults in the ED and in primary care is funded through the HRB RCQPS awards (2018-2020) and the HRB Collaborative Doctoral Awards (2018-2022).