The Physical Activity for Health (PAfH) cluster aims to build an international hub of excellence in the area of physical activity (PA) and health research.

PAfH is multidisciplinary and includes: physiologists, sports and exercise scientists, physiotherapists, and health, sports and exercise psychologists.

Focus areas of the cluster include:

  1. Measurement, Surveillance and Determinants of PA
  2. Biomedicine of PA
  3. PA and Exercise as Medicine
  4. Policy Impact and Implementation of effective interventions.

Cluster Activity and Aims

The activity of the cluster will be in three key areas; 1) Research Excellence and Impact 2) Collaboration and Networking and 3) Capacity Building and Training.

We aim to:

  • Enhance Research Funding
  • Maximise Research Outputs
  • Create a PAfH data and bio-bank
  • Optimise existing collaborations with key stakeholders
  • Maximise PAfH national and international networks
  • Enhance PAfH training and mentoring for emerging researchers
  • Enhance research student training and supervision
  • Develop international hosting and exchange programmes.

Irish Dissemination event 25/08/2022 organised by PAfH