Imelda Doolan is the Research Funding Officer for the HRI. Imelda was awarded her PhD from the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) in 2005 through the department of Microbiology. On completion of her PhD, Imelda joined the University of Limerick as a Post-Doctoral Researcher based in the Life Sciences department.  Her work focused on the application of flow cytometry to microbiology and the development of rapid FCM methods for the detection of microbes.   In her time working in research she gained considerable experience in the preparation of grant proposals to various funding agencies including FP7.

Imelda’s role in the HRI is to assist HRI members with the preparation of research applications. This will include notification of relevant calls, advising on application procedures, eligibility criteria, funders T&C’s etc. Imelda will advise on costing of budgets and compliance with UL’s financial regulations. Support will be provided on the execution of submission within a timely manner and in line with the funding bodies requirements.