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Prof Sue Franklin

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I am Professor of speech and Language Therapy in the School of Allied Health in the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences. I have carried out research into many aspects of aphasia (language difficulty following stroke), from looking at underlying deficits in comprehension disorders, sentence processing and naming to developing and trialling aphasia treatments. I am currently interested in understanding the experiences of Irish people with aphasia and their access to appropriate services. I am also involved in a Europe wide project looking at the quality of reporting of interventions in efficacy studies.

More recently, I have developed an interest in developmental Speech Language and Communication Need in adolescents and have been engaged in a project with the National Behaviour Support Service in Ireland. This has now extended to a supervisory role in a substantial new project for the National Council for Special Education, as well as being PI on a continuing national project for the NCSE, both of which are piloting speech and language therapy/teacher collaborations in schools (current NCSE funding of over 1.1 million euros).


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