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Prof Alan Donnelly

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Professor Donnelly’s research focus is on the interaction of physical activity and sedentary behaviour in determining health across the lifespan. He is director of the Centre for Physical Activity and Health, a multidisciplinary centre which applies technology to measurement and intervention in health. He currently co-leads the DEDIPAC project at UL, a part of a Europe wide knowledge hub which is setting standards for researchers investigating physical activity, sedentary behaviour, diet and their determinants. He has an interest in device based measurement of behaviour and has recently hosted the international ICAMPAM conference at UL, bringing researchers from across the world to Limerick to present the state of the art in this area. He additionally has projects underway measuring sedentary behaviour and health in adolescents, and is a contributor to the large Mitchesltown health study, which is evaluating how health behaviours determine the health of 1,500 50-70 year olds who live in the town.


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