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Ms Anne O’Connor

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Currently I am employed as HRB Research Fellow in the Faculty of Eucation and Health Sciences at the University of Limerick. I am a staff member at the School of Allied Health, currently on research leave from my role as Practice Education Coordinator (Physiotherapy) in order to undertake my PhD. In 2016, I was awarded a Health Professional Fellowship by the Health Research Board, Ireland (€239,977) to undertake this research. My research addresses a specific aspect of health service delivery, i.e. readiness for independent practice of the health professional student.

My PhD research is focused on Health Professional Education specifically performance-based assessment of health professional students in the workplace, a process which essentially determines their readiness for independent clinical practice. The aim of my doctoral research is to explore key stakeholders’ perceptions of the performance-based assessment process of students that occurs in the clinical workplace in order to determine these stakeholders’ priorities towards its future development. I have published three papers from this research (two in Medical Teacher (I.F. 2.4; Q1), one in Physiotherapy (UK) (I.F. 3.0; Q1)). Two further papers are under review.

Other research interests include quality of health service delivery and continuous professional development of the health professional.


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