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Dr Tadhg MacIntyre

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Dr. Tadhg E. MacIntyre afBPS afPSI is a lecturer in sport, exercise and performance psychology in the PESS Dept. He supervises PhD students on topics including mental health, resilience, psychological recovery and nature based interventions for well-being. On this latter topic he has led the development of three H2020 proposals with members of the initiative.  In 2018 he co-edited a text for Routledge entitled Physical Activity in Natural Settings: Green Exercise and Blue Mind. Funding successes include Erasmus + and project funding from the Irish Research Council on motor cognition, green exercise, mental health and well-being and network support funding from Enterprise Ireland, BPS, Waterways Ireland and Sport Ireland. He is now editing a cross-hosted topic for the journal Frontiers on the topic of Human-Nature Interactions: Perspectives on Conceptual and Methodological Issues.


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