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Dr Khalifa Elmusharaf

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Dr Khalifa Elmusharaf is a Senior Lecturer in Public Health at the Graduate Entry Medical School at University of Limerick. He has more than fifteen years of experience as obstetrician, researcher, project manager, lecturer and health system specialist in academia, ministries of health, and International organizations. He is a consultant in public health, biostatistics, and research methods, with experience in community based initiatives, participatory ethnographic evaluation & research, innovative qualitative research, community readiness assessment, and health system & policy research.

His PhD in Health Systems & Policy at National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) focused on access and equity for maternal, newborn & child health in fragile states.

Khalifa’s research interest include: maternal and child health, non-communicable diseases, obesity & nutrition, health services & systems in conflict affected fragile states, women empowerment and community health systems.


He is currently involved in a number of national and international collaborative research projects including:

  • Diabetic foot ulcers in Bahrain: an epidemiological profile of the prevalence, clinical care, economic cost and impact on quality of life.
  • Economic and Social Costs of Violence against Women and Girls in South Sudan, Ghana and Pakistan.
  • Partnering to Advance Education and Nutrition through Dairy Distribution in East Sudan.
  • Mothers Over the Moon: A creative intervention for positive pregnancy experiences in Ireland.
  • Operationalise and Measure Social Exclusion in the Irish context.


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