Dr Alexandros Tsoupras is a Lecturer in Food Sciences at the Department of Biological Sciences (Faculty: Science and Engineering) in the University of Limerick. His research lies on the health benefits of dietary interventions and of bioactive ingredients from foods and food-related sustainable natural sources, including food by-products, as well as of food-supplements, nutraceuticals and drugs against inflammation-related chronic disorders (Cardiovascular Diseases, Renal Disorders, Neurodegenerative Disorders, Persistent Infections, allergy, Cancer and metastatic procedures, etc.).

Alexandros has developed novel bioanalytical methods for isolating food bioactives and for food-omics, as well as novel bioassays for evaluating the health benefits of food bioactives, food supplements, nutraceuticals and drugs against inflammation and related disorders. He has also participated in several peer-reviewed research outputs within the areas of Food Science & Health, some of which have been awarded (60 outputs with h-index 16, including articles, books/book-chapters, invention disclosures), and in several conferences.

His current research projects include:

- Isolation of bioactives from natural sources (foods, food by-products, marine sources, fermented products, medicinal plants, microorganisms of food-biotechnological interest, etc.) and evaluation of their anti-inflammatory properties and structure-activity-relationships, in vitro in cell models and ex vivo/in vivo in trials/interventions

- Utilization of such anti-inflammatory food-bioactives from sustainable sources and valorization of food by-products for the development of novel nutraceuticals and bio-functional foods for reducing the risk of the aforementioned inflammation-related chronic disorders.



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