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Dr Adam de Eyto

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Adam is the Head of School of Design at UL and lectures on the Product Design & Technology Programme as-well as conducting research with the Design Factors research Group and the HRI . He has a specific research expertise and interest in Design for Sustainability and also works in the areas of New Product Development, Sustainable Product Service Systems, User Centered Design in Soft Robotics, Transdisciplinary education, Humanising Medical Devices, Behavioural Change and Soft Product Design. Adam currently coordinates the “Health in a Box” Research programme in conjunction with the J&J ACoE center (Automated Center of Excellence). Current Research projects include: XoSoft (Soft modular biomimetic exoskeleton to assist people with mobility impairments), Health in a Box (Researching the future of distributed healthcare) and Circular Design (Learning for Innovative Design for Sustainability).


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