I am a Regional Placement Facilitator for Physiotherapy students at UL. I am based at the School of Allied Health in the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences. I am interested in research around innovative placements, student-led placements and inter-professional learning on placement.

I am currently involved in a research project exploring the barriers to becoming a novice practice educator.

In collaboration with others, we will also carry out a thematic analysis of University of Limerick student physiotherapists and dance students' perspectives of learning following a shared module / placement experience.


Is there a positional fault at the inferior tibiofibular joint in patients with acute or chronic ankle sprains compared to normals? Manual Therapy Volume 4, Issue 1, February 1999, Pages 19-24


The Benefits and Challenges of student-led clinics within an Irish context. Journal of Practice Teaching & Learning 13 (2-3), pp. 58-72