Monday, September 27, 2021

UL launched the Limerick Digital Cancer Research Centre virtually on the 23rd September 2021.

The HRI affiliated Limerick Digital Cancer Research Centre is a multidisciplinary initiative dedicated to improving our understanding of the fundamental biology of cancer and using this new knowledge to find better ways to diagnose and treat the disease.

Prof. Alan Donnelly, interim Director of the HRI spoke of the HRI alignment and collaboration with the LDCRC and its future being “Significant and Innovative”.

Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, Simon Harris welcomed the launch of the new research centre saying:

"Its goals are ambitious – to get a better understanding of cancer at the cellular and molecular level and drive the development of the next generation of digital diagnostics to improve patient outcomes”

Professor Kerstin Mey, UL President added:

“The Limerick Digital Cancer Centre will build on UL’s strength and apply state of the art approaches to cancer research with the goal of improving the lives of cancer sufferers and their relatives not only within the Limerick region, but also across the rest of Ireland and beyond."

UL Vice President Research and HRI Member Professor Norelee Kennedy said the Centre developed “particularly as a research collaboration with the University Hospital Limerick and as a collaboration that has come about as a result of high level of engagement and enthusiasm across the teams in the Hospital and the University”

The Centre features a newly created ‘Limerick Living Lab’, an initiative established in partnership with the HSE’s Digital Transformation Unit, Dell Technologies and Akoya Biosciences. Paul Murray, Professor of Molecular Pathology at UL and HRI Member heads the ‘Living Lab’ which uses high powered microscopy and state of the art artificial intelligence to digitally profile biopsies taken from a patient’s cancerous tissues.

Our sincere congratulations to all the team, and especially to HRI Members, Prof. Paul Murray, Prof. Pat Kiely and Prof. Alan Donnelly.

For further information please visit:

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