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PPI Club - Help & Advice Support Group for Public & Patient Involvement (11 February)

Thu, 11 Feb 2021

Date: Thursday, February 11, 2021
Time: 11.00 to 12.00
Location: ONLINE (MS Teams), Ireland

Please join us for the next PPI Club…

THURSDAY 11 FEBRUARY, 2021 at 11.00-12.00, ONLINE (MS Teams)

Looking for help or advice with Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) in health research?
  • identifying patients, public or community partners for your project?
  • describing PPI in your HRB grants?
  • how to actually involve patients or members of the public in your research?
  • any other PPI questions


Welcome to PPI Club!

Everyone is welcome on a drop-in basis! We will meet regularly (~ monthly), like a journal club, to discuss issues arising in PPI. Together, we can tackle problems and find solutions from our joint experiences in undertaking partnered health research. Whenever possible, we will try to have a patient, community, or NGO partner present to offer real world perspectives and expertise.

So come armed with questions!

The NEXT PPI Club will take place on:

THURSDAY 11 FEBRUARY, 2021 at 11.00-12.00, ONLINE (See Teams link below).

Everyone is welcome!


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