Dr Anna Chatzi is an Associate Professor in the University of Limerick's Department of Nursing and Midwifery, Faculty of Education and Health Sciences. 

Anna has a 20+ years' professional and academic experience, as a health professional (General Registered Nurse), a former Army Officer and an educational manager. 

Anna holds a PhD in human factors from the University of Southern Queensland, where she has gained invaluable expertise and insights from one of the leading aviation academic teams in Australia. Healthcare has been looking upon the paradigm of aviation for being a pioneer in human factors and how they foster safe practice. Her background and past exposure to high-intensity operations in healthcare has motivated her to work on human factors, having recognized a need for an “outside view” when dealing with seemingly trivial problems. Anna has a growing publication record in the field of human factors and safety, regularly contributing research and review articles. 

She has a Master's in education and conducts research in teaching and curriculum development. 


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