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Job Vacancies

Whether you are an internal or external applicant, you must register with the University of Limerick's E-Recruitment system before you can apply online for vacant positions.

For help with applying online visit this link.

All vacancies can be found by visiting our Vacancies Website. 

Top Tips for job applications

  • Ensure you are applying for the correct post, if you are applying for two posts you must apply online for each post separately.
  • Your application should contain a cover letter and an application form completed in full; You may also attach your CV or additional material.
  • Tailor your application to the post you are applying for and state in your cover letter where you believe you meet the role-related criteria stated in the advertisement/job description.
  • Give a detailed account of your qualifications and employment history, starting with the most recent and working backwards.
  • Clearly list key information on your application such as job title, level/grade, responsibilities and technical proficiency. Where previous employers are mentioned, please give their full name, the nature of their business and their location, provide as much information on your current position as with other positions.
  • Make sure you list any additional qualification, skill or experience you possess which you feel may be relevant to the post you are applying for
  • Check your application for errors (typographical, dates etc.) and ensure it is submitted on or before 12 noon on the closing date.
  • Ensure it is accurate and easy to follow;
  • Bullet point information where possible and ensure the information provided is clear and concise (attach additional information on a separate page if necessary);
  • If you are part-way through a qualification, confirm what stage you are at and when you expect to complete the qualification.

Guidelines for Attending Interviews

All candidates selected for an interview come before a selection board. To ensure fairness and consistency towards all candidates, each candidate is questioned on the same core areas.

To give yourself the best opportunity at the interview, we offer the following guidelines:

  • Ensure you are well prepared for the interview; ensure you have researched the role and the department/faculty recruiting the position.
  • Where presentations are part of the process, please e-mail the presentation to recruitment administrator three working days prior to the presentation date. Be realistic about the amount of material and number of slides you can cover in the time allocated.
  • Listen to the question being asked and gather your thoughts before answering.
  • If you are unsure what is being asked for, request clarification.
  • It is important to make the most of your limited time with the selection board; answers to questions should be clear and concise; check if a more detailed answer is required.
  • Be honest at all times, if you do not know something then say so.
  • Ensure you are able to talk about your own experiences and when/where you used any relevant skills or qualities, give examples that clearly demonstrate your strengths in the area being questioned.
  • Nervousness is a normal part of interview attendance; if you feel it is affecting your performance you may wish to practice relaxation/breathing techniques before the interview or conduct a ‘mock interview’ with a colleague/friend/family member.
  • You may choose to bring notes or your application form/CV with you to the interview to act as a memory aid.
  • Remember to switch off your mobile phone before entering the interview room!

Internal Candidates: The University employs approximately 1,400 staff, therefore, do not assume that those involved in the recruitment process will ‘know who you are and what you do’

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