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Employee Benefits

There are many benefits of working for University of Limerick. On this page, we outline some information on is some information on several of our important Employee Benefits within UL. More detailed information regarding all our Employee Benefits can be found in the complete A-Z.


Monthly salary payments at UL are normally made on the 25th of each month by direct debit into your bank account. Your payslip will be available through our Employee Self Service Portal, Core. Please note - you will not receive a paper payslip.

All new University of Limerick employees are members of the Single Public Service Pension Scheme. The pensions website provides information on the University of Limerick Pension Schemes.

The University of Limerick's Income Continuance Plan (ICP) provides financial security to members in the event of long-term absence from work due to long-term illness.  There is also an opportunity for you to join the University's Additional Life Cover plan.  For more information about these benefits please click here.

The University has group insurance schemes available for both Aviva and VHI which will provide you with a discount on your health insurance.  For more information see here

All employees are entitled to annual leave as specified in your contract. The leave year is from the 1st January to the 31st December. Employees are encouraged to take leave during July/August. The University closes for 4 working days during the Christmas period and therefore you must retain enough annual leave days to account for this, these have been accounted for within your entitlements. All holidays should be arranged with your line manager. Find more information in the complete A-Z.

There is a paid sick leave scheme in place – you must familiarise yourself with the University sick leave policy. Any employee who is absent due to illness must notify, or make suitable arrangements to notify, the employer as early as possible on the first day of the absence. The employee should, where possible, indicate the likely duration of the absence. Where an employee is absent on continuous sick leave of more than 2 days, a medical certificate is required to be provided to the employer. If a sick absence extends from Friday to Monday inclusive, then a medical certificate must be provided. Find more information here.

The entitlement is 26 weeks of maternity leave. A minimum of two weeks must be taken prior to the certified due date. An employee may also avail of a further 16 weeks unpaid maternity leave immediately following the 26 weeks’ maternity leave. All rights associated with employment, such as reckonable service and annual leave (except remuneration and superannuation benefits), will be preserved during absence from work on maternity leave. It is the policy of the University to pay employees their normal salary in respect of the 26 week period of maternity leave (but not in respect of the 16-week additional maternity leave period). Find more information in the complete A-Z.

The Paternity Leave and Benefit Act 2016 provides for statutory paternity leave of 2 weeks. You can start paternity leave at any time within the first 6 months following the birth or adoption placement. You should apply for Paternity Benefit from the Department of Social Protection at least 4 weeks before the date you intend to start your paternity leave. You will be able to apply for Paternity Benefit online at You may qualify for Paternity Benefit if you have sufficient PRSI contributions. The employee will receive full pay less the amount of Paternity Benefit payable.  Find more information in the complete A-Z.

Anyone who is not on probation on the date where it is proposed to take the leave without pay can apply for the Shorter Working Year Scheme. The purpose of the shorter working year scheme is to allow you to balance your working arrangements with outside commitments, including school holidays.  This special UNPAID leave is available as a period of not less than 2 and not more than 13 consecutive weeks and can be taken as a maximum of 3 separate periods.  To learn more about the leave please find the policy document, FAQs and application for in the HR A-Z.  

On campus we have an excellent sports arena which includes facilities such as Ireland's first olympic sized pool, indoor and outdoor running tracks, a comprehensive gym and much more.  As a member of staff you can avail of discounted rates on membership to the Arena or on many of the classes run weekly.

Check out all the facilities of the Arena here

Employee wellness is a priority and a number of initiatives take place each year for the benefit of UL employees, see more at

It is the policy of the University to encourage the personal development of its employees and one of the ways this happens is through supporting professional development.  To find out more about the Further Study Policy please click here.