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The first 30 days

Here is your to do list for the first 30 days of your employment with UL...

  1. Navigate the new starter website
  2. Watch your induction videos
  3. Read HR policies
  4. Visit the health and safety website and check out their training schedule & talk to your manager about Health and Safety responsibilities as applied to you and your department. 
  5. Check learning and development training schedule for the next Induction Programme
  6. Go through HR a-z and How do I...? List
  7. Set a PDR meeting with your manager
  8. Set your email distribution lists
  9. Check your details on Core Portal
  10. Check access for all relevant system​
  11. Contact to book your place on the following training:
  • Dignity and Respect
  • GDPR Training
  • Managing Attendance
  • Interview Skills Training (if it applies to you)
  • Data Protection
  • Records Management
  • Research Integrity Training (if applicable to you)

        12. Elearning Programmes. Unconscious bias training is available at this link;

The first 30 days | UL Induction


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