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Performance Development Reviews

The University of Limerick is committed to the Performance and Development Review System (PDRS) to ensure the alignment of team and individual objectives with the University's strategic priorities. The overall focus of the system is on improving performance and enhancing professional/career development. The University of Limerick Strategic Plan 2015 – 2019, ‘Broadening Horizons’ should be central to the PDR process.

A PDR will:

  • Recognise Achievements
  • Promote Communication
  • Good management practice
  • Set goals
  • Aid to performance
  • Provide clarity
  • Have consistent management practices

What happens?

All staff with the exception of those who will be retiring within one year will have a review with your Dean, Head of Department, Line Manager or Supervisor. You will normally have 1 Formal Meeting per annum. In your first year you will have a planning meeting, Year 2 will review your performance against agreed objectives and set an agreement on objectives for the year ahead. Each meeting should should be recorded on the Performance and Development Review Form.

There are three stages to your PDR –

  1. Prior to the review. Preparation and documentation.
  2. The review meeting.
  3. Post review follow through and implementation.

Setting objectives

When you write your objectives, make sure they satisfy the SMART criteria:

S mart Clearly stating what must be achieved
M easurable Objectives can be measured by Quantity, Quality and Time
A chievable Stretching but realistic 
R elevant Add value to the service
T rackable With specified review points and end results

The best place to start planning is with your job. Every job can be looked at in terms of -

What you do. In other words: what outcomes have you identified that need to be delivered by you? e.g. deliver lectures, conduct research, administration etc. These outcomes form the basis of your Objectives

How you do it. What are the skills and behaviours you use every day to best achieve your objectives? These skills and behaviours will serve as input into your Development Objectives.

The steps involved in the Planning Process are:

  1. Clarify the Key Areas of your Job
  2. Identify your Objectives for the key areas of your job
  3. Identify the Competencies i.e. skills and behaviours
  4. Identify your Development Objectives for the year

For each of the Key Areas of your job you should identify and record objectives on the Performance and Development Review Form.

Training needs that are identified through PDR should be sent to

Training and Support

Workshops are provided for Managers/Supervisors who are responsible for conducting 1-1 Review Meetings with direct reports.

NEW MEMBERS OF STAFF are required to attend a Half Day Workshop (PDRS Reviewee) which will introduce you to the system as it operates in UL.

Click here to view course dates, times etc.

Additional information is available on the HR website here