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Academic & Research Staff

Relevant Policies which may be found on the A-Z include the following -

  • Academic Role Profiles
  • Academic Role Profiles - Roles of Responsibility
  • Consultancy and External Commercial Work Policy
  • Interim Development Reviews – Lecturer Below the Bar
  • Portfolio for Progression Across the Merit Bar & Granting Multi-Annual Status to Entry-Level
  • Academic Staff
  • Portfolio for Promotion from Senior Lecturer to Associate Professor
  • Portfolio for Promotion from Lecturer (Above the Bar) to Senior Lecturer
  • Progression Across the Merit Bar
  • Promotion of Academic Staff
  • Promotion to Professor (Personal Chair)
  • Promotion to Professor (Personal Chair) Application Form
  • Research Grant for Returning Academic Carers'
  • Research Staff Role Profiles
  • Research Staff - Guidelines for Maternity, Paternity or Adoption Leave Cover
  • Retention Scheme for Academic Staff
  • Stopping the Tenure Track Clock