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HR Strategy for Researchers 

The HR Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) supports research institutions and funding organisations to implement the European Commission Charter and Code for Researchers in their research policies and practices and forms the basis upon which the ‘HR Excellence in Research’ logo is awarded.

The Charter & Code

The European Commission has adopted a European Charter for Researchers and a Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. These two documents are key elements in the European Union's policy to make research an attractive career, which is a vital feature of its strategy to stimulate economic and employment growth.

Giving individual researchers the same rights and obligations wherever they may work throughout the European Union should help counter the fact that research careers in Europe are fragmented at local, regional, national or sectoral level, and allow Europe to make the most of its scientific potential.

In particular, the European Charter for Researchers addresses the roles, responsibilities and entitlements of researchers and their employers or funding organisations. It aims at ensuring that the relationship between these parties contributes to successful performance in the generation, transfer and sharing of knowledge, and to the career development of researchers.

The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers aims to improve recruitment, to make selection procedures fairer and more transparent and proposes different means of judging merit: Merit should not just be measured on the number of publications but on a wider range of evaluation criteria, such as teaching, supervision, teamwork, knowledge transfer, management and public awareness activities.


Open Transparent and Merit Based Recruitment (OTM-R)

The University of Limerick is committed to fully implementing the EU recommendations on Open, Transparent and Merit-based Recruitment practices for researchers (OTM-R), in conjunction with the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, in our HR Strategy for Researchers.

By ensuring that the best person for the job is recruited, open, transparent and merit-based recruitment of researchers improves the effectiveness of national research systems, guarantees equality, especially for under-represented groups, and boosts transnational and international co-operation. This in turn promotes optimal circulation of scientific knowledge. Individual researchers, employers, funding bodies, and ultimately the whole European Research Area (ERA), benefit from OTM-R.

Implementing HRS4R

The University of Limerick is a member of the third cohort of EU institutions to apply for the HR Strategy for Researchers. In order to develop the strategy, the University of Limerick carried out an internal analysis resulting in the development of the University of Limerick HR Strategy and Action Plan for Researchers.

The strategy and action plan have been acknowledged by the European Commission and the right to use the ‘HR Excellence in Research’ logo was awarded to the University of Limerick in 2013.

Progress on the implementation of the strategy and action plan is reflected in the self assessment report, which was submitted by the University of Limerick to the European Commission in 2015. The European Commission concluded from the report that the University of Limerick is clearly committed towards the full achievement of the HRS4R process.

A copy of the HR Researcher Open Forum Meeting Presentation from January 2016, which provides an update on the implementation of the HRS4R to research staff is available here: HRS4R Research Staff Open Forum Presentation

The next step of the HRS4R is for an internal review of how the action plan has progressed to be submitted by the University of Limerick to the European Commission in December 2018. This internal review will then be assessed by an external panel of expert peer reviewers appointed by the European Commission through desk based assessment, followed by a site visit.


Euraxess Ireland the Researchers' Mobility Portal Ireland is part of an initiative involving both the European Commission and countries participating in the European Union's Framework Programmes for Research. Euraxess aims to help researchers relocating to Ireland.It is also of relevance to researchers who may need guidance during their research careers in relation to searching for a new position be it in Ireland or abroad. There is a network of over 200 centres across 40 countries and Euraxess can provide the link to information and personalised assistance via EURAXESS SERVICES.


The University of Limerick is now a member of Vitae. Vitae is an organisation dedicated to realising the potential of researchers through transforming their professional and career development. Vitae establish partnerships to champion the needs of researchers and demonstrate their impact on economies and society. Vitae provides online information, advice and resources for higher education institutions, researchers and their supervisors on professional development and careers. Some of the expert website content includes:

  • Careers destinations and professional development
  • Leadership development for principal investigators
  • Advice for supervising doctoral students
  • Managing a research career
  • Resources for equality and diversity in research careers
  • Advice for completing a doctorate
  • Research staff resources for staying in and moving out of academia
  • Example CVs

University of Limerick staff, researchers and students can now access all Vitae member-only web resources by creating a log in here using their email address. For more information, please see the Vitae website.

A range of on-line training tools are now available on Sulis. These are specifically designed for the Higher Education sector and include:

  • Research Skills
  • Professional Skills for Research Leaders
  • Supervising Doctoral Students
  • University Leadership and Management
  • Blended Learning

The materials are available in Sulis by joining this site - here . If prompted, login to Sulis with your UL username and password. When prompted to join the site, click Yes. Please then see the Online Professional Development tab.