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The first 30 days

Here is your to do list for the first 30 days of your employment with UL...

1 Navigate the new starter website

2 Watch your induction videos

3 Read HR policies
4 Visit the health and safety website and check out their training schedule & talk to your manager about Health and Safety
responsibilities as applied to you and your department. 
5 Check learning and development training schedule for the next Induction Programme
6 Go through HR a-z and How do I...? List
7 Set a PDR meeting with your manager
8 Set your email distribution lists
9 Check your details on Core Portal
10 Check access for all relevant system
11 Contact to book your place on the following training:
  •   Dignity and Respect
  •   GDPR Training
  •   Managing Attendance
  •   Interview Skills Training (if it applies to you)
  •   Data Protection
  •   Records Management

  Research Integrity Training (if applicable to you)

12 Elearning Programmes.  Unconscious bias training is available at this link;
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