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UL’s research and knowledge transfer activities span all of its faculties and disciplines. The University values and supports the excellence of output and achievement by its research community across all of its research areas. In addition, the University has identified a number of areas of research strength, characterised by having critical mass, addressing common research questions, having a significant body of research inputs and outputs, attracting international scholars, and having a national and international reputation.

These areas of strength are: • Materials • Advanced Manufacturing • Software • Health • Applied Mathematical Sciences

Researcher Development Programme

Welcome to the University of Limerick, a young, ambitious and responsive organisation with a reputation for being a pioneer and innovator. 

Researcher Resources

The Human Resources Research Office is located in the Main Building, in room number D1-044 and is the first point of contact for all Research staff. Working with our colleagues in Human Resources, we provide a "one-stop" HR service to all Researchers across all areas of HR.

Meet some of our researchers

Learn more about the Researchers currently working in UL and the research they are conducting.