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President's Excellence Awards for Staff

Nominations are closed for 2019

What Are the President’s Excellence Awards for Staff?

The President’s Excellence Awards for Staff recognise outstanding contributions by staff (academic/research/support) to the overall goals of the University and to the campus community. These awards provide an opportunity to publicly acknowledge and thank staff members for their exceptional commitment and the part they play in the further development of the University of Limerick.

Submissions in the following areas would be particularly welcomed: 

Innovation. This award recognises examples of truly innovative work. An award could be made for innovation in research, or those who have solved problems creatively and proactively with positive results.

Leadership. This award recognises those who create a vision, who inspire and who work with others to enable them to achieve their potential.

Student Experience. Many of our staff make such a difference in the lives of students and this award is for those who positively influence the student experience.

Exceptional Team Member. This award recognises the work of a colleague whose contribution to the goals of the team are outstanding. This will recognise colleagues for their ability to work well with others, through flexibility or collegiality.

Business Transformation/Excellence. This award recognises the work of faculty, research, or support staff who have transformed how they do business.

Contribution to the Campus Community.  This award is a broad category that allows for the recognition of work that enhances the experience of other members of the campus community ( colleagues, students, etc.) in many different ways.

The closing date for submissions is Friday, 22nd March.

The President will present the awards on Wednesday 1st May. 

Who Are the Awards For?

The President’s Excellence Awards are for all staff. The President would like to recognise the truly fantastic work of outstanding staff across the University. This includes all academic, research, and support staff.

It is important that you nominate those colleagues who you see as making an exceptional contribution. It is up to you to highlight your colleagues’ excellent contributions.

How Do I Nominate a Colleague?

It’s easy and only takes five minutes. You can nominate more than one person if you so wish.

All nomination letters should emphasise how the nominee has demonstrated exceptional service, over and above the expected requirements of the role.  The nomination letter should be an accurate reflection of the individual’s own contribution to the achievement. 


  • Only an individual can be nominated. No team nominations will be accepted.
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted. 
  • The Awards Committee reserves the right not to make an award.
  • Where a group wishes to nominate an individual, one submission should be made if possible, signed by the group members.
  • Where applicable, please identify a primary and a secondary category of award you would like this person to be considered for. 
  • The Award Committee will consist of:
    • Two members of the campus community nominated by the President
    • Two members of Governing Authority nominated by the President
    • Two academic nominees of the VPA&SE
    • Two support staff nominees of the Director, HR
    • One nominee of the VPR
  • The awards will be announced by the President to the campus community.
  • Decisions will be made with respect to matters such as contribution to the goals of the University, demonstration of excellence, service above and beyond the requirements of the job.