Yes. Details on timelines within which respective historic leave must be used and how to book historic leave are available under Section 3: Timelines of the Historic Annual Leave Procedure. Information about the verification process is included under Section 2: Verification of the Historic Annual Leave Procedure.

Your Annual Leave entitlement on Core is adjusted to included the 4 University Closure days in December. For example, if you are entitled to 30 days Annual Leave, it will show up as 26 days in your CORE account. 

UL has implemented a new Annual Leave Procedure, which you can view and download here. The procedure applies to all staff who are entitled to benefit from annual leave under the Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997.  

Annual leave can only be requested and approved by all staff through the CoreHR link. If you are accessing CoreHR remotely, you need to be logged into Remote Access on Forticlient.

When an employee is absent because of sickness, he/she must notify by telephone the Dean/Head of Department/Manager before or within one hour after 09h00 am on the first day of absence.

A medical certificate must be sent to the Dean/HOD/Manager on or before the third day of absence.  The Dean/HOD/Manager must forward all medical certificates to the Human Resources Division attached to the sick leave form.  If the illness persists additional medical certificates must be submitted on a regular and timely basis.  Please read the Sick Leave Scheme for further information.

Sick leave must be recorded by the Dean/HOD/Manager on a sick leave form and forwarded to HR straight away.  Please note that a delay in doing so will affect an employee’s salary.

An employee who is eligible for social welfare payment must claim the relevant benefit.  Social welfare claim forms are generally available from GP’s.  The employee must complete the form and submit it directly to the Department of Social and Family affairs.

In compliance with Social Welfare and Revenue regulations (as specified in Revenue’s Employer’s Guide to PAYE), the University will deduct from the employee’s salary the amount of social welfare benefit due to the employee from the Department of Social and Family Affairs for that payment period and will directly apply the relevant tax and PRSI exemptions to the payment.  The employee will, therefore, benefit immediately from their illness-related tax and PRSI entitlements.

Follow this link to Annual and Historic Leave on Core to find a summary of the modifications to the management of Annual Leave and how to to view your balances on CORE Portal.

HR will send each manager a listing of historic annual leave balances for their staff in respect of the period prior to 1 st January 2020. Once these balances have been approved, you can book your historic leave on CoreHR, in a similar way to the current annual leave process.

Historic leave balances, in respect of the period prior to 1 January 2020, are managed under the Procedure for Managing Historic Annual Leave Balances.

The Procedure for Managing Historic Annual Leave Balances is available on the HR Procedures, Processes & Forms A - Z webpage.

Current annual leave balances and historic annual leave balances are recorded separately on CoreHR and employees will have the option to request annual leave or historic leave as available. 

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