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Be Well @ UL

1.  Be Well @ UL - Overview

The University of Limerick Human Resources Division has an active role to play in the health and well-being of UL employees.  During the year there is an active calendar of events and initiatives that are run for the benefit of all UL employees, covering health and physical exercise, nutrition and wellbeing, personal finance, personal development, stress management among others.  The University of Limerick is committed to maintaining and improving the well-being of all staff at work and the HR Division works to ensure that there is a programme of events each year to meet that goal.  In order to continue to do this, it is important that the Division is in tune with employee needs in the area of well-being at work, that factors affecting people’s well-being are clearly identified and managed effectively in order to maintain a positive and thriving working environment.  

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2.  Employee Wellness: Current Schedule

Seminar  Speaker  Date 
Mindful Music: Stop, listen and recharge (Combining Mindfulness and Music Therapy to enhance health and well-being). 


Dr Hilary Moss and Mr Sami Alquatari,

Irish World Academy of Music and Dance 

19 October, 13.00-13.45  
Somatic movement (Embodied movement and body awareness). 


Dr Jenny Roche, 

Irish World Academy of Music and Dance 

2 November, 13.00-13.45 
Practical Tips for Sustainable Eating.  

Dietary guidelines have shifted to include not only health of individuals but also of the planet.  The intersection of dietary choices and climate change in our food systems will be discussed, with easy practical tips for adopting more sustainable habits, including simple food swaps. 

Dr. Catherine Norton,

Physical Education and Sports Science Department 

13 November, 13.15-14.15 
Mindful Music. Mindful listening to music and ourselves  Dr Hilary Moss and Mr Sami Alquatari,

Irish World Academy of Music and Dance 

16 November, 13.00-13.45 


Sound Walking Noticing and appreciating your local soundscape.  Facilitated by Dr Hilary Moss, designed and shared by Ms Patricia Moriarty, University of Limerick Arts Officer, Student Affairs Division.  30 November, 13.00-13.45 


 Dealing with Worry: Practical Tips and Tools for You or Those Around You  Ciaran Lannigan,

Inspire Wellbeing

4 December, 13.15-14.15 
Building Morale.  Become aware of practices that will build your trust and morale building capacity to help with challenges of remote working teams, such as isolation, ambiguity, and involvement.  Shelley Anne  


Inspire Wellbeing 

11 December, 13.15-14.15 
Money Skills for Life.  Sorting out your money; Saving and investing; Insurance; Borrowing money; Dealing with debt; Planning for later life. Competition and Consumer Protection Commission  15 January, 13.15-14.15 
Introduction to Mindfulness.  The benefits of Mindfulness, and Guided Practice for you to use at home. Clodagh McCarthy, 


12 February, 13.15-14.15 
Stress Management. TBC  March (date tbc) 



If you wish to attend any of these events please email, stating the event which you would like to participate in to confirm your place.