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Speaking with Impact

Course Details

For Whom: All Staff
Dates: Friday, December 1, 2017
Location: Library Board Room
Time: 09.15 - 16.00
Cost: €50
Duration: 6 hours 45 minutes

Course Overview

Speaking With Impact - How To Wow Do you…

  • get nervous or anxious about speaking in public?
  • find it challenging to project the confidence you need?
  • find yourself hiding behind your powerpoint slides or making them the main feature of your presentation?
  • just "get through it" and look forward to your presentation being over?

 How would you like to be able to …

  • speak with confidence and impact in public?
  • relax and overcome fear and anxiety so that you can enjoy the experience of speaking in front of groups?
  • use your natural personality and speaking style to create rapport and connect with the audience
  • present your idea, proposal or initiative in a compelling way
  • field questions easily and effortlessly in a way that inspires people and motivates them to take action

 If you find yourself answering "yes" to any of these questions, this programme is for you.  "Speaking With Impact - How to Wow" will provide you with the tools you need to;

  • plan an effective speech or presentation that achieves your goal
  • structure your presentation in a way that makes an immediate and lasting impact
  • establish your credibility and win the trust of the audience
  • transform fear and anxiety into confidence and action
  • use visual aids for maximum effect and minimum interference
  • add energy, passion and enthusiasm that arouses the interest of your audience and significantly increases your impact
  • use persuasive techniques to engage, inspire and motivate
  • deal with challenging questions confidently and effectively


To book a place, please email Please send your request accompanied by your line Manager’s/Head of Department’s approval to clearly stating your department’s cost centre details