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Research Ethics Committee Training

Course Details

Dates: Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Location: Plassey House Board Room
Time: 09h30 - 17h00
Duration: 7.5 hours

Course Overview

This workshop will be especially tailored for research ethics committee (REC) members, whether of the University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) or its Faculty or Departmental sub-committees, or those who anticipate becoming members of REC’s. It would have some value for those whose work involves managing research projects or undertaking research that is routinely subject to research ethics and integrity governance, but its focus is on the decision-making of RECs. Whilst it will outline the terrain of research ethics and the integrity agenda, it is assumed that participants have some working knowledge of both. Those who feel they would benefit from a refresher on research ethics prior to attending should consider registering for the Research Ethics for postgraduate students and early career researchers session on Tuesday 30th May. The session will focus on negotiating the role and responsibilities of REC members and RECs in the University, the research ethics and research integrity agendas that they operate and the decision-making processes in engaging in ethical scrutiny of research in the University. Participants will benefit from the workshop if they have familiarised themselves with the UL REC protocols and documentation. Participants should feel free to bring forward ethical problems they wish to be discussed, whether from their research practice, problems they have considered in others practice or problems they have deliberated upon in RECs, (though they should be anonymised).Programme

Time Session Notes
9.10am Registration
9.30am The REC, research ethics and integrity agendas and its contexts, functions and challenges This will provide a broad outline of the way RECs should work and their remits, functions and challenges. It will also set out the agendas for RECs in respect of main ethical issues and problems in ethical research
10.45am Coffee
11.00am The Roles and Responsibilities of REC membership This part of the session explores the main roles and responsibilities REC members hold and how they should see and understand what they do and how they do it
1.00pm Lunch
2.00pm RECs, research ethics and approaches to evaluating the ethics of research proposals This part of the session uses cases and problems to explore the difficulties and problems that REC members face in decision-making, and explores the decision-making processes themselves
3.15pm Coffee
3.30pm Decision-Making, Judgement and RECs This part of the session draws from the previous part to develop effective strategies for making judgements as a member of the REC
4.45pm Closing Comments
5.00pm Finish  



To book a place, please email Please send your request accompanied by your line Manager’s/Head of Department’s approval to clearly stating your department’s cost centre details