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Research Ethics and the Challenge of Research on the Web

Course Details

For Whom: Academics
Dates: Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Location: Armitage Room, Plassey House
Time: 09.30 - 17.00
Duration: 7.5 hours

Course Overview

The World Wide Web (WWW) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) provide extensive new opportunities to engage in innovative and important research on a global and local scale, using conventional and web-enhanced research methods and reaching out to research participants and tackling research areas previously limited by space, time, location and accessibility. Web-based networks, virtual environments and web based approaches to research constitute new opportunities for researchers, both in researching these mediums and their impact on culture and society and as medium through which research can be conducted.At the same time, the WWW and ICTs provide substantive challenges for those who have an interest in ethical research practice, whether researchers themselves or those with responsibility for research ethics governance or research integrity. This one day workshop will explore those new challenges and the different strategies and approaches to ensuring ethical standards are maintained.Whilst the programme (detailed below) will cover all the main issues that the WWW and ICTs bring forward, one of the aims of the workshop will be to share experience, approaches to ethical research and issues and problems for ethical research, and to ensure that the workshop discussions are relevant to the needs of participants on the day.  The morning will provide a generic overview and the afternoon will focus on the ‘hot’ topics identified by participants. It will be assumed that participants have a basic grasp of issues in ethical research. All those who register are invited to identify:

  • their discipline or field and the focus of their thesis (if postgraduates) or current research projects and,
  • the ethical issues they have identified as being of concern inn researching on the WWW and with ICTs.

These details should be submitted to by Thursday 25th May at 12.00pm to be considered in the final programme for the day.Programme

Time Session Notes
9.10am Registration
9.30am The Challenge of Using the Web for Ethical Research – Current Problems and Responses Effectively this part of the session contextualises both web and research ethics and sets the scene
10.45am Coffee
11.15am Ethical Research and the Web – a Checklist and Strategies This part of the session will survey the main problems in web research and overview strategies – The half-day is a generic outline of current thinking and responses to problems
1.00pm Lunch
2.00pm Ethical Research and the Web – Trouble shooting 1 This part of the session is more interactive and more focused. We could set the agenda – or you could skew it towards what you want - or allow delegates to rank a small number of choices and take the 2/3 most popular and explore those.
3.30pm Coffee
3.45pm Developing ethical approaches and practices in web-based research This part of the session draws from the previous part in exploring approaches and techniques to develop ethical research on the web
4.45pm Closing Comments
5.00pm Finish  



To book a place, please email Please send your request accompanied by your line Manager’s/Head of Department’s approval to clearly stating your department’s cost centre details