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Lunchtime Seminar Series - Internationalisation

Course Details

For Whom: Academics
Dates: Thursday, September 7, 2017
Location: Shannon Room, Plassey
Time: 12.45 - 2 pm
Presenter: Prof. Luuk Van Der Wielen
Duration: 1 hour

Course Overview

Insights from an International Career

Lunchtime Seminar Series - Internationalisation

NEXT SESSION: Friday September 8th, 13h00 – 14h00.

Speaker: Prof Luuk Van Der Wielen

  Prof Luuk VanDer Wielen is Director of the Bernal Institute and Bernal Professor for Biosystems Design and Engineering.  He is a Distinguished Professor for Biobased Economy of TU Delft and has been Professor at its Dept. of Biotechnology where he headed the Bioprocess Engineering Section since 1998. The activities of the section were ranked as excellent by consecutive national research evaluations and have resulted in several spin-off companies.   Professor Van Der Wielen will discuss his own story on Internationalisation which has included 20 years in Brazil, 5 years in the Philippines and 4 years in Malaysia. Involved in projects such as CLIMATE KIC, BBI, BIO4EU, ESBES Board, Prof. Van Der Wielen will discuss formal approach, business plans and the cultural dimension.  Light lunch will be served at 12h45.


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