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Introduction to Excel

Course Details

For Whom: All Staff
Dates: Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Location: Small Training Room - Plassey House
Time: 14h00
Presenter: Pat Browne
Cost: €50
Duration: Half Day

Course Overview

  • The Excel Interface, Navigation & Menus
  • Excel Options & Saving Formats
  • Creating, Copying & Moving Tabs
  • Cell Formatting (Number, Currency, Date etc)
  • Lists and Custom Lists
  • Cell alignment, Wrapping & Merging
  • Sorting & Filtering Lists
  • Adding & Modifying Charts & Diagrams
  • Basic Formulae (Sum/Avg/Min/Max/Count, CountA)
  • Operator Formaula (+, _, *, /)
  • Other: Round, IF, Absolute Cell References
  • Names Cell Ranges


To book a place, please email Please send your request accompanied by your line Manager’s/Head of Department’s approval to clearly stating your department’s cost centre details