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Inter-Faculty Research Collaboration Event

Course Details

Category: Researcher Skills
For Whom: Academics
Dates: Thursday, December 6, 2018
Location: Millstream Common Room
Time: 11.00 - 13.00
Duration: 2 Hours

Course Overview

Collaboration for InnovationInter-Faculty Research Collaboration WorkshopTHEME: CITIES AND COMMUNITIESThursday 6th December 11h00-13h00 (followed by light lunch)The Millstream Common RoomAimThe aim of this event is to give you the opportunity to meet with potential collaborators from other disciplines and faculties. The theme for this session is “Cities and Communities” and attendees may explore this theme from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.  By the end of the event you will have heard about others’ research areas, the inter disciplinary collaborations they are seeking, presented your area of research and had the opportunity to network with others to explore any potential interests further. THEME – CITIES AND COMMUNITIESThe event should appeal to researchers in the disciplines of Sociology, Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics, Culture, History, Architecture, IT, Media, Performing Arts, Psychology, Engineering, English, Irish and Communication, Science, Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Health, Accounting and Finance, Economics, Management and Marketing, Work and Employment Studies, HR, Design, Politics and Public Administration, Mathematics, & Law. Your interests may be in some of the following areas:

  • How to create environmentally sustainable cities?
  • How can citizens and civil society be empowered to create people-centred urban change?
  • What can be done to address exclusion, loneliness, isolation and disadvantage?
  • The importance of language / culture / history in building communities. 
  • The economics of successful cities and communities. 
  • The physical environment.
  • Legislative underpinnings in cities and communities. 
  • What needs to be done to create healthy cities?
  • What is the role of heritage and history in regeneration and city futures?

Please note that different themes will be selected for future events.  Who Is This For?This event is intended as an opportunity to explore potential areas of common interest – even if they are not immediately apparent.   This is for all academic and research staff, or those who support research projects.   You never know where the next opportunity will come from!     StructureThere are three steps to this:

  1.  Preparation.  Before attending, you will be required to complete a single slide capturing the following information:

                                                               i.      Your core research interest.                                                             ii.      What is the big question (in other words, what is the expected impact of your research in an economic/scientific/societal context)?                                                           iii.      The type of inter-disciplinary collaboration you are seeking.Please put your name, department and faculty on the slide

  1. Roundtable discussion.  Each person will have the opportunity to present their idea informally for 2 minutes in a roundtable discussion. 
  2. Networking.  Opportunity to network with those from other faculties with the objective of exploring potential for collaboration.

  TimelinesFriday 16th November.                Notification of your intention to attend and which session(s) you are interested in, to  Clear information will be provided to those interested regarding next steps.  Thursday 22nd November.           Submission of your one-page slide to A joint initiative of the HR Division and the Research Office.


To book a place, please email