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Professional Development
For Whom:
09.30 - 13.30
Paddy Lavelle
Half day

Course Overview

Do you find some people and situations easier to influence than others?  Do you feel quite confident about getting a “yes” to your idea, proposal or presentation, only to sometimes later find yourself wondering why it didn’t succeed?  Getting people to change their mind, opinion, behaviour or approach can be fraught with difficulty.   


This workshop provides you with the skills, the tools and the confidence you need to overcome the barriers to influence and persuasion and succeed in getting the agreement, buy-in or change you need. 

Course Objectives/Outcomes

As a result of this workshop you will know how to; 

  • overcome the five main barriers to influence and persuasion 

  • use, strengthen and adapt your influencing style to suit individual situations and objectives 

  • connect with key stakeholders in a way that reduces any potential tension and conflict 

  • select the most appropriate influencing strategies and approaches to secure the best result in different situations 

  • achieve your goals by increasing trust and gaining commitment and cooperation 

  • apply the skills required to effectively influence a variety of stakeholders 

Trainee Requirements

Pre- Course Work 

Participants will complete an influencing styles questionnaire and receive their own personal influencing styles report in advance of the workshop, identifying when and how best to use their preferred style, together with a number of tips for developing their style. 


Participants will also be asked to prepare a couple of examples of situations they have been required to influence in the past or will be required to influence in the future. 


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