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Grant Writing

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Course Details

Category: Researcher Skills
For Whom: Academics
Dates: Monday, January 16, 2017 to Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Location: Shannon Rm, Plassey House
Time: 09h15 - 16h30
Presenter: Andrew Derrington
Duration: Full Day

Course Overview

The workshop is designed start you working on an extremely efficient ’recipe’ for a research project grant, that makes it possible to produce a case for support in 2 weeks. The case for support is the central component of a grant application. All the rest of the information in the application should derive from the case for support.

If you have a fundable project in mind at the start of the workshop, you should have a rough draft of the skeleton of the case for support, in the form of 10 key sentences, by the end of the first day. If you don’t have a fundable project in mind at the start of the day you will learn what you need to design a fundable project and you will practise the skills of writing the 10 key sentences.

Day 2 consists of a surgery in which you can have an appointment to discuss your key sentences and your draft application with Andrew.


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