Course Details

For Whom:
In Person - Room TBC
09.30 - 13.00
Dr Maeve Lankford

Course Overview

As we approach the start of semester, would you like the opportunity to plan strategically for your academic career? 

Course Objectives/Outcomes

Know Where You Want to Get To:

  • Clarity of direction is the starting point of all successful achievement.  We’ll begin by clarifying the outcomes you want to achieve personally and professionally.

Mindset Reset – Develop a Success Mindset:

  • Create the success mindset necessary to achieve the outcomes you want.

Be Strategic:

  • With the support of our Guest Speaker, you’ll identify the things that you most need to do to support your career goals.  

Be Proactive:

  • Learn to manage your time so that your career priorities get the necessary time, attention & focus.  

Develop Your Reputation:

  • Benchmark your progress and ensure the right people are noticing the right things about you

Boost your confidence

  •  Learn the critical step that boosts your confidence and career success


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