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Public History & Cultural Heritage, MA

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Public History & Cultural Heritage, MA
1 year  Full- Time


The Public History and Cultural Heritage MA programme provides a structured academic approach to the practice of history in a public setting through modern models of online learning. This programme has been developed to include a combination of conceptual, methodological and practice-based modules, thus broadening the student’s intellectual and scholarly experience.  The programme offers a globally-recognised postgraduate qualification in a cutting-edge area of historical practice and provides opportunities to expand industry/academia partnerships. The online delivery of the programme enables prospective students whether already working in public cultural institutions, or employed in other sectors of the economy, the opportunity to acquire a globally recognised postgraduate qualification. It will appeal to new graduates and history teachers seeking continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities. As an online programme it provides prospective students complete flexibility.

The aim of the programme is:

  • A key object of the programme is to forge mutually beneficial relationships between the Department of History and the many cultural institutions such as research libraries, galleries, museums and archival repositories, in Ireland and abroad.
  • The Public History aspect of the programme focuses on the function and value of history in terms of the public realm, from museums to public archives, film, public spectacle, and examines how history is generated and consumed in a range of public spaces and institutions.
  • The Cultural Heritage aspect of this Masters programme introduces students to the dominant themes and practices peculiar to the field of cultural heritage. This element of the programme provides students with the scaffolding from which to build on their acquired skills of research, interpretation and analysis, as well as developing their creative skills and a deeper understanding of the value of cultural heritage to society and to the state.
  • The programme also aims to equip students with a multiplicity of transferrable skills and competencies, including: the opportunity to work online individually and as part of a team, using the latest methods, devices and practices currently available in the digital learning environment.

For further information on the programme contact:

Course Director:  Karol Mullaney
Tel: 353 061 202199


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