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Mathematics for Teaching (Level 8) Application

Please submit your signed (by the school Principal) declaration form with your application form 

Please Note:  All questions on the declaration form must be answered and the form must be signed.  Incomplete declaration forms cannot be processed

Incomplete or incorrect applications will not be considered

Click here to complete the Declaration Form

Apply online

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Professional Diploma in Mathematics Terms & Conditions

Professional Diploma in Mathematics for Teaching - Terms & Conditions Irish Version

The Application Process:

  • Read through the terms and conditions document carefully.
  • All applications must be made via the online system. 
  • Apply only in your legal name (on the application form and the declaration form).
  • Only submit one application (if you do submit more than one application, all later applications will be ignored).
  1. Ensure every step of the application process is complete. 
  • Complete the online declaration form, print the form and get the form signed by you school principal.   Upload the declaration form with your application form (unanswered questions will result in your application being deemed incomplete).
  • Upload all necessary documents with your application form (see list below).
  • Complete the online application form (you can save your application and return to it later provided you have not hit the submit button).
  • Once you are satisfied all the steps above are complete, then submit your application form.  Once your application form is submitted, you cannot edit or amend any details or documents.

What to Include with your Application

  1. Your signed declaration form (see link to form above)
  2. A copy of your birth certificate/passport (evidence of your legal name) .
  3. Qualification transcripts and/or certificates/awards (and English language translation if applicable).
  4. Recognised Prior Learning Application.

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